Lost and Replacement Car & Van Keys

We are part of Avon Tunings global agent network

  • Leaders in their profession supplying tuning files to over 150 authorised agents spread across 6 continents. Avon tuning is an internationally recognised brand
  • All software is developed and tested in house @ Avon Tuning with their dimsport 4WD hydraulically linked dyno (rolling road)
  • Capable of testing 2wd and 4wd vehicles up to 1200hp

ECU Remapping

What we do – As easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

  • We carry out a health check on your vehicle data logging information from the vehicles engine ECU
  • Carry out software extraction and send to Avon Tuning HQ for modification

Step 2

  • Once Avon HQ has received the software file, the team of in house software engineers carry out the modification process based on your requirements. Parameters such as boost pressure, injection quantity, and torque request are re calibrated

Step 3

  • The newly calibrated software file is returned to us for final programming to your vehicle
  • The main aspects you will notice are better performance, improved driveability and much more improved responsiveness

What options are available in addition to the performance remap?

  • EGR solutions
  • DPF solutions
  • Ad Blue solutions
  • Swirl flap removal
  • Speed limiter removal
  • SDGS remap / Gearbox update
  • Pops and bangs / Popcorn limiter / Rev limit adjust
  • Lambda delete
  • TCU remapping
  • Fault code delete
  • Start stop delete
  • MAF delete
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