Lost and Replacement Car & Van Keys

Things you should know about the car keys, including where to obtain replacement car keys for your Citroen, have new ones cut or who is best to call if you have a problem with your car locks or keys. Key to My Car is offering a mobile car locksmith service in Devon, Cornwall & Somerset areas. Not only will our vehicle locksmiths come to you, saving you time and money, they will cut and program all keys at the roadside, whether you are at home, work or indeed stuck at the roadside.

Key prices: remote/fobs can range from £ 85.00 to £150.00 and non remote/fobs from £55.00.

Lost Citroen Car Key

If you have lost your only Citroen key and choose to have them replaced by a Citroen dealer you will be in for a shock. The dealers will ask you to come in and see them with your V5 and ID to order the key. That’s right; it has to be ordered – and it will normally take between two and five days to arrive. When the replacement Citroen key arrives you will then be asked to take your car into their workshop to have the key programmed. How do you do that when you have no keys? It will cost an extra fee to have your Citroen recovered on a truck.

Spare Citroen Car Key

To cut a Citroen key blade we need a special key number or your key blade that gives us the information on how the key needs to be cut to operate your locks. We can obtain this key number on your behalf from a Citroen dealer. This makes cutting the key quick and straightforward. Each Citroen key will have a transponder chip concealed inside the plastic head. The chip needs pairing with the Citroen immobiliser to make the car start. We plug a machine into the Citroen OBD port and program the new key to start the car. If the key has remote locking we will then program the remote/fob to open and lock the doors.

If you have a broken Citroen car key we can sometimes repair it or, worst case, cut and code a complete replacement for your Citroen key.


Do not buy second-hand Citroen car keys from eBay or scrap yards as these keys cannot be programmed into another car. Each key has a transponder chip which can only be coded once after which it is locked out. If you have any doubts call Key to My Car and we will be happy to go over all your options.

(please note all prices are plus VAT)

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