Lost and Replacement Car & Van Keys

Key to My Car has all the expert knowledge required to deal with any problem experienced with car locks or Ford car keys. We can provide a Ford car key replacement service to cover most models. Our mobile teams provide a service that covers all of Devon, Cornwall & Somerset areas coming to you to solve your Ford car key problems, saving you time and money.

Prices for remote/fobs vary from £65.00 to £180.00 and non remote/fob from £55.00.

Lost/Spare Ford Car Keys 

Earlier model Ford car keys use a red chip system. The transponder chip (which is what deactivates the immobiliser) is made from clear glass and concealed in the head of the key. It’s usually recognisable by the small red square on the top right corner of the key. A Ford key that has a completely red head is a master key used in the earlier red key system. All Ford systems with lost keys require 2 keys to be added back before the car starts again.

Tibbe Key

The most common Ford car key is called a Tibbe key. With cars that use this key type, Key to My Car uses a lock pick to gain entry to the vehicle. Once the lock is in the open position the pick will read the depths of the lock, supplying the information necessary to cut a key. Ford models using a Tibbe key are quick and easy to replace; we can gain entry into the vehicle within 10 seconds and have a replacement key cut within 2 minutes.

Ford HU101 laser key

Newer Fords use a HU101 blade profile key, referred to as a “laser key”. The metal blade is flat and rectangular with a unique shape groove cut down each side. The key provided with the car will either be manual or remote locking. It is a much more secure key and the car locks on these newer Fords are much harder to pick. Sometimes the lock has to be removed in order for a new key to be cut.

Ford Car Key Programming 

Key to My Car offer remote/fob programming and provide duplicate Ford car keys correctly and uniquely coded to your car. A dealer could take up to 7 days to get you replacement Ford car keys. We will do the job the same day.

It’s worth noting that Ford dealers don’t usually keep key numbers on file. For replacement keys, the dealer is more likely to have to remove the lock in order to cut a new key or replace with new locks. Often the dealer will actually come to us to produce the replacement car keys. They are not as accomplished as The Auto Locksmith.

(please note all prices are plus VAT)

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