Lost and Replacement Car & Van Keys

We specialise in all makes of Skoda car keys. Please see Volkswagen as this is the same for both cars. Prices for these keys are quite reasonable and we are so much cheaper than the dealer option.

Remote/fob flip keys start from £110.00 to £185.00 and non remote/fobs can be a cheap as £85.00.

Spare Skoda Car Keys 

It is essential that you have a spare key for your Skoda car. If you lose your main key then you could be left without the use of or access to your car. Here at Key to My Car we can make a spare Skoda key for all types of Skoda. We carry a wide range of stock so can cut and program a spare key to your Skoda car whilst you wait. We only use dealer level software so you can be sure that your Skoda is in safe hands. Whether you would like a remote/fob, flip or standard key, we can cater to your every need. 

Lost Skoda Car Keys

Skoda dealers will tell you no one can program keys for their cars, but this is not true. We can even come out to you and gain access to your Volkswagen without damaging anything (non-destructive) and make you a new Skoda key at the roadside.


Do not buy second-hand Skoda car keys from eBay or scrap yards as these keys cannot be programmed into another car or van. Each key has a transponder chip which can only be coded once after which it is locked out. We also will not work with any such materials that we have not supplied.

If you have any doubts call Key to My Car and we will be happy to go over all your options.

(please note all prices are plus VAT)

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