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My Ford remote is not working. Nothing happens when I press the buttons on my Transit key fob. I can’t unlock my Transit van.

This is a very common problem that effects the mark 7 Transit vans operating with the blue remote key. Lets take a look at what the problem is and what you can do to get your remote locking back.

The Problem With Ford Transit Blue Remote Keys

Unlike other Ford remote keys The Mk 7 Transit key is a little different. The black remote key used for most other Ford vehicles uses a small round battery, which will eventually need replacing. Ford clearly saw this as a problem and thought they would create a new style key that has a “self charging” battery that never needs to be replaced. Instead, the whole key now needs to be replaced! Clearly not quite the great idea they were planning.

The key fob is a sealed unit that is designed to charge when inserted into the ignition. Unfortunately there was a design fault with the first batch produced meaning 56 plate Transit drivers keys would stop charging after a while and prevent the remote locking from operating. Ford are aware of the problem and offered a free replacement for faulty Mk 7 Transit keys. Unfortunately the recall period has now expired and Ford are charging up to £240 for a new Transit key.

Whilst this is a very common problem with the 56 plate Mk7 Transits it can also happen with newer vans meaning the key will need to be replaced.

Replacement Transit Blue Remote Key

Getting a replacement key for your Ford Transit does not have to be as expensive and time consuming as you think. Rather than taking the van into Ford and losing half a days work let Key to My Car come to you and program a new Transit key whilst you go about you work.

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